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In a world in which challenges are growing, variables abound, and its space is crowded with information, it has become necessary to change our view of media services and their importance in the business world, as the successful media industry that reaches a wide segment requires credibility, information capacity, specialization and focus towards the goal.

From here, Gulf Turk Media realized the needs and requirements of the Turkish market to communicate with the Arab region, specifically the Arab Gulf, to present their products and projects, by specializing in communicating and marketing the messages and projects of the Turkish business world by creating solutions that fulfill the aspirations of companies to increase their ability to sell and compete and achieve the best return on Over the past period, Gulf Turk Media was able to add value to the business sector by keeping pace with the latest technologies, services, products, innovations and developments in a complex economic area characterized by great dynamic activity that required doubling effort, time and money in order to establish a common base through which to overcome difficulties and simplify The process of communicating and building a network of economic relations between various partners, clients and specialists in the Middle East who are looking to take advantage of Turkey’s distinguished location and successful economic experience through many activities that attract them to work, communicate, search opportunities and achieve fruitful results.

Gulf Turk Media is keen to provide the best integrated media services whose scope revolves around providing effective project management tools, which contribute to empowering clients through activities that bring about positive changes in the perceptions prevailing among the stakeholders, in line with the needs of the growing base of clients in terms of public relations. Marketing, managing and organizing exhibitions, conferences and important events with an economic dimension, through prior planning and preparation, as well as diligent work to crystallize the most appropriate creative ideas that translate its management’s understanding of the culture of the Gulf and Turkish market alike, as it works on choosing advanced and modern technical and media means that It meets all the demands of companies, institutions and people and provides them with broad business solutions that suit every business activity. It works on drawing up marketing plans and implementing them, producing professional advertising designs and promoting them through their means in the social media space. It does the necessary studies before starting projects to reach the work of its clients to the highest quality of results according International standards and achieving the desired goals at every step from The stage of conceptualization and ideas to the stage of implementation on the ground.

It is worth noting that Gulf Turk Media has local and international experiences and long-term strategic partnerships, and has a good customer base and constructive working relationships at the public and private levels regionally and internationally, and due to its more than 3 years of experience in this field, it is considered one of the Arab companies. The most influential in Turkey because of its great capabilities and an efficient and passionate team with a creative thought and global understanding that enjoys the highest levels of training, qualification and experience, and provides various services in Arabic, English and Turkish, to ensure the quality of communication and continuity of achievement and joint cooperation, as its management is fully aware of the importance of Focusing on the quality and quality of work, paying attention to the smallest details and inventing creative ideas to create a real impact and provide greater care to its potential customers, in order to reach them to the highest degree of satisfaction with maximum benefit and achieve a competitive and distinguished position.

Based on its innovative methodology and future outlook, Gulf Turk Media has succeeded in harmony with the spirit of the times in its activities and services that do not adopt the traditional method, through which it seeks to establish a culture of awareness among producers and competitors at carefully studied prices that helped achieve a series of joint successes and achievements that In turn, it contributed to the consolidation of its position as one of the prominent companies in Turkey.

Our vision:

Towards leadership in providing innovative business ideas and developing them.

Our message:

Providing a distinguished service that elevates the methods of public relations activity for our clients.

Our Value:

Respect, gratitude, belonging, honesty, trust, responsibility, and cooperation.

  • Mustafa’s latest project is the Turkey Franchise Company, which is concerned with helping Arab traders obtain the privileges of Turkish companies and obtain agencies to launch them in their countries.
  • Mostafa Al-Habbab’s achievements and activities were not limited to the commercial or investment side. Rather, he also had the chance to contribute to enriching the knowledge content through his research and academic contributions.

Mustafa Al-Habbab

company founder

Mustafa Al-Habbab was born in Riyadh in 1980. In his turn, he stands out as a businessman, investor, and economic expert in Turkish affairs. He supervises and manages a group of leading institutions in the field of real estate investment, e-commerce and Arab-Turkish economic relations.

Work life and achievements:

  • Since he moved to Turkey, he started establishing “Green Hills” company, which specializes in building real estate projects in Turkey and real estate marketing, After his success in Green Hills, Mustafa Al-Habbab started establishing and managing projects in various fields. Including the “Gulf Turk Media” group of companies interested in e-commerce and public relations.
  • After that, he launched the e-commerce platform “Turkey Store”, which is active in the field of marketing Turkish products and selling them to consumers in the Middle East.


One of the most important factors that distinguishes Gulf Turk Media is its investment in the creative human element. And its main orientation aimed at enhancing trust and credibility and achieving growth and success on a personal and corporate level alike, And employing them for their high efficiency in accordance with the development of the market movement and its various media and electronic services, in accordance with the standards followed globally through continuous training and high qualification, which raises their skills, good performance and their abilities to think in a different way and improve the performance of the tasks entrusted to them productively and effectively by taking the necessary decisions and finding innovative solutions to problems reduce risks and overcome difficulties, All this is done by working in the spirit of a homogeneous and cooperative team and with modern tools and techniques to complete the work in the required time with high proficiency, appropriate competitive costs and professional outputs that are satisfactory to clients and partners in the main.

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What we offer is different from our competitors, as we care about performance and quality to the utmost to receive a service that exceeds all your expectations.

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