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Organizing exhibitions and conferences
Gulf Turk Media seeks to improve the level of customer service it provides, and employing her extensive knowledge and technical expertise in managing and organizing conferences and seminars, Organizing exhibitions and parties And managing events and events to help its clients from various agencies and institutions to reach their desired goals, By providing a distinctive set of support services to organize and manage the event at the highest level.

Media Consulting
We offer a full range of advice and guidance services in the media field for various bodies in the governmental and private sectors

TV program management
The company provides a variety of television services, including the renewal, launch, and establishment of the identity of television programs. We also provide strategic planning services based on viewership and competition studies.

Electronic systems and software development
GTM creates specialized integrated systems for companies according to their needs based on a huge library of software
Which was specially prepared for this purpose by a specialized programming team for this type of software and systems, and the company is developing its library according to the latest technologies produced by Microsoft.

Managing multiple media platforms
We work closely with the management team to create content and spread the targeted message on various media platforms, We also provide consultancy services related to re-design, restructuring, budgeting and resource allocation

visual production
“GTM” presents its creativity in various films that meet the client’s need, where the technical staff is engaged in making the idea, writing the script, then shooting and directing in a technical process that takes the client’s message to the furthest extent to be visible and amazing at the same time

Design and development of websites and applications
We have an integrated team of experts in designing and developing websites and e-stores, who have the appropriate skills and experience for all web development projects and commercial activities. Projects for the creation and design of electronic stores, Interactive website development projects for real estate marketing companies, CMS development projects that do not require any software experience to manage and modify the content of the site

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